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December 11th 2009

Dear Cigar Friends,

Today, as I'm sure you are aware, the Michigan Legislature passed a state-wide smoking ban. We all need to thank Gary Reed who is the IPCPR lobbyist in Lansing for his hard work at protecting our retail business. Through the efforts of the Michigan Tobacco Association and the IPCPR we were able to retain our right to smoke in our own stores and cigar bars. Everyone with an OTP License prior to May 10th, 2010 will have the right to smoke in their own stores. Unfortunately new tobacco shops along with bars and restaurants will not have that right. It is unfortunate that we had to compromise in this manner. However we live to fight for our rights in the future. I promise you that we will continue to work for a Tobacco Tax cap so that we can lower cigar prices in the future.
Thanks for all your help,

Mike Nolan
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